Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fiber of the Week - December 3

If you're as old as I am, or just like classic rock, you'll remember this song by Bob Seger:

"That's why I'm going to Katmandu,

Up to the mountains where I'm going to,

And if I ever get out of here that's what I'm gonna do.

K - k - k - k - k - Katmandu,

That's really, really where I'm going to,

Oh, if I ever get out of here

I'm going to Katmandu."

If I were going up into the Himalayas near Katmandu (or Kathmandu), I'd want a nice cabled sweater made out of this week's 20% off yarn of the week. It's Kathmandu Aran Tweed by Queensland Collection. Comes in 18 tweedy colors and is a great all purpose yarn for just about any wintery project you might think of. Let us know if you take it to Katmandu!

And the specs:
Fiber: 85% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere

50g balls

Yardage: 104

Stitches: 4.5

Needle size: 8

This yarn will be on sale until midday December 10. If any of the colors you order are not currently in stock, Rob will immediately order them for you.

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