Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fiber of the Week - November 26

Hey, everbody - Happy Thanksgiving! I must say I'm very grateful for all the friends I've made this year in the fiber world. And I'm also very grateful that Coveted Yarn has a local shop for me to haunt. I'm telling you, I walk in intending to spend 5 minutes and it's a hour and a half later when I leave.

On to the fiber of the week. It's Socos by Esther Bitran. This comes in 12 hand-dyed colorways and I had a hard time deciding which one to show in this blog. This looks like it would be one heck of a scarf yarn and fast, too, because it's bulky. Guess I'm talking myself into buying some myself this week! Why not at 20% off?

The specs:

Fiber: 100% Wool

100g balls

Yardage: 82

Stitches: 2.5

Needle size: 11-13

This yarn will be on sale until midday December 3. If any of the colors you order are not currently in stock, Rob will immediately order them for you.

DECEMBER!!!! Excuse me, I have to go knit a scarf, then crochet some bookmarks, then knit some washcloths, oh and there are two more scarves to crochet.....

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