Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little promotion for some wee ones

Hi all,
The blog seems to be rip roaring!!
Oh well, here is an idea I came up with when we were at the hospital several weeks ago bringing our little girl into the world.

If you send me a little newborn hat I will take 10% off your entire order! I will then donate the hats to Beverly hospital to donate to the newborns and their families. We received one and overheard there was a shortage. It was a really nice thing and it would be a shame for not everyone to not have that little bit of niceness.

This offer is not cumulative(ie. if you send in 5 hats you won't get 50% off your order, just 10%) and only applies to orders placed through the website. I will keep track of the hats as I receive them and send a refund for 10% of your order after I receive payment. I was hoping to incorporate it into the ordering process but it is too involved and I don't want to wait. There are bare heads out there!

Each hat donated will also equal one entry into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate for our yarns.
There will be no cap (he he) on the number of entries allowed. The drawing will be held Christmas morning so you might just get an extra Christmas present!!

Please send the hats to:

Coveted Yarn
PO BOX 6015
Gloucester, MA 01930

Please include your contact info so I know who is sending what and can apply the discounts and entrries as necessary.

Please feel free to post your favorite baby hat patterns or links to them. It would be really nice to be able to make this a continuing program. We look forward to sharing a little handmade love with a lot of little ones.

Thanks so much!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Worse than a Number 11 in the eye ;)

This post is for those not quite peaceful moments that seem to come up knitting. You look down at the pattern and it is not what you are knitting, or maybe it was. Something is missing, broken, or just not quite right. Tell us all about it and maybe just maybe there is a good Samaritan out there who has fought the good fight and can help you out! Maybe you are the good Samaritan. Either way... fire away!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to Coveted Yarn's Blog!!

Hello and welcome to Coveted Yarn's Blog. We are hoping to use this blog to keep in touch with our fiber customers. We would also like to make it a place where you can go to get some answers when you need them, or maybe give someone an answer when someone else needs it.

We will try to have it broken up a little so we will have different posts on different topics. This will also be where you can get the details on specials, sales, and fun programs we are putting together.

If you are local to Cape Ann it will hopefully mature into a fiber resource to keep informed about current events as well.

All in all we hope you enjoy yourself while getting your daily dose of fiber.

Thanks for stopping by!