Friday, June 18, 2010

Clearance Yarn - So Fun to Play!

Not a fiber of the week, but an update on how your blogger is playing with the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted Seconds in the Creme color: crockpot dyeing.

This first skein was dyed using Iced Blue Raspberry Lemonaid Kool Aid and McCormick food coloring in blue and green.

This second skein was dyed using Wilton's Icing Colors in violet, delphinium blue and juniper green.

Because we're only paying $3.95 per skein for this yarn, I feel like I can experiment and if the yarn looks like clown barf when I'm done, no great loss. And the knots don't bother me because I'm a crocheter, and they're pretty easy for us crocheters to deal with.

Thanks to Rob for the use of the shop camera for the photos!

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Holly said...

What a great idea! These turned out beautifully.