Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fiber of the Week - Aug. 20

Remember when you were young (maybe you still are!) and on summer vacation. Wasn't summer the time to break out and do things you'd never do any other time? Well, the season's winding down; it definitely feels like fall is coming on Cape Ann. So here's one more chance to celebrate those crazy summers with a fiber of the week is just a little bit wild. It's Tahiti by Queensland Collection. It comes in 9 printed colorways that are not for those who want prim and proper knitting.

The specs:
Fiber: 49% Cotton, 36% Acrylic, 12% Microfiber, 3% Polyester

50g balls
Yardage: 90
Stitches: 4.5
Needle size: 8

The usual reminders: this yarn will be on sale until midday Aug. 27. If any of the colorways you order are not currently in stock, Rob will immediately order them for you.

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