Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fiber of the Week sale is Schaefer's Heather As knit by Yarn Harlot!

Hello all,
I am sure at least some of you are familiar with the Yarn Harlot. Recently she posted about a pattern she was working on ( Schaefer Pattern 334 ) with Schaefer's Heather . We have had a little more interest in Heather as a result, so I thought we might be able to give this new fiber a little jolt by making it our fiber of the week and putting it on sale. The sale only lasts till June 4th so stock up now and tell your friends! Most orders for Heather will have to be a special order just so you know, but you do have access to every color they make it in and we will get it to you asap!

55% merino wool SUPERWASH, 30% cultivated silk, 15% nylon
4 oz. - 400 yard skeins
Sock Yarn - 7 - 8 St/in.
Needle size: US #1
Hand Wash

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