Friday, February 1, 2008

Update on hat contest

Hello all,

Here are the 4 hats we have so far for this quarter's contest. Each hat donated is an entry into the contest!
We would really like this to be a strong program, but we need your support!! There is no purchase necessary, just a little time and some leftover yarn. Take a few minutes from the project that is making you crazy and make a hat for a little baby. Don't tell me you don't like babies.
We look forward to receiving many many many more hats. Thanks to all who have sent one (or some) in and even those who just spread the word.
-Coveted Yarn


Anonymous said...

just a question... does it have to be knitted? I would help, but I prefer crochet.

Coveted Yarn said...

Knit or crochet, we would love whatever you are willing to send. We had a crocheted hat in the first round. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Tena Pomeroy said...

Do you have a certain pattern you want done or does any work and preemie or baby size?

Coveted Yarn said...

Any pattern will do. Since most babies are born as refular size babies (not preemie) that is the size hat that is probably most needed. That being said we won't turn any away, and will enter all that we receive.